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Hello! I’m Jamie

Jaimie Tasch

Hello, I am Jamie. The creator of JayDreams! I am a self taught clay artist and I’ve come to learn that I have been an artist at heart my whole life. Since, I was a little girl I felt it was natural for me to express myself through art. Whether I was creating handmade gifts or drawing something I saw from my dreams. I’d never shy away from sharing what was in my imagination. The older I got, my art began to reveal itself differently. When creating my very first mushroom something truly magical happened within me. It all seemed to align and my purpose became very clear. My love for nature, whimsical imagination and dreams were shaped into a mushroom by my very own hands. I then knew that everything that I’ve experienced thus far had lead to this. As I started to learn more about my craft, I began learning more about my internal/ external self on a deeper level. I began to connect more to that inner child within me that had always loved art. I found it very healing. Through exploring both my art and myself, I started to act upon the intentions to create JayDreams. The intentions is to spark your own creative outlet and find a deeper more meaningful relationship with yourself, along your own beautiful path. It’s important for me to also share with you that, every piece I make is made with love and my wildest dreams. It’s for this reason, I wanted my business name to be a personal one, so this is why I named it, JayDreams. Jay for Jamie and Dreams for the inspiration that I create from.

There you have it Dreamers. I genuinely hope that my art brings you joy and is a safe space for your inner child to unravel and create. Thank you for your support. I really couldn’t do it without all the love I receive. I hope you feel the love right back, you all deserve it!

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